Game Console Review – Sony Playstation 3

There are a lot of things that you need to consider when choosing a game console that you need to purchase. The console that we will be discussing now is considered as the most luxurious one of all time. If you have a decent amount of disposable cash and is looking for more than just plain entertainment, this console is definitely the right one for you.

PlayStation 3 is the third generation of the game consoles developed by Sony. Its first game one, Playstation, was released more than a decade ago. It is said to be a popular choice among hardcore gamers who prefer role-playing games. With mind-blowing graphics and special effects this is one of the best when it comes to more than just perfect gaming experience.

Being sold at $500 per unit, this console is the most expensive one ever. It may sound too expensive for a gaming product but let me remind you that this is not just an ordinary game console. Packed with a Blu-Ray player, wireless Internet connectivity, Bluetooth 2.0, and a massive 250 GB hard disk, I can say $500 per unit is not expensive but rather a fair price.

However, if you still feel like PlayStation 3 is too expensive then Sony has something to offer aside from these features. How about having USB and SD card slots for external memory just in case 250 GB hard disk is not enough to satisfy your gaming thirst, HDMI support, open network, and wireless controllers.

The problem with Sony is that they don’t want to develop too many games for PS3. This is the reason why game titles for this console are not as much as what Nintendo and Microsoft offers. PS3 may be expensive but it has a lot of features to offer. The only problem is the number of games that can be played using this console.

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